Community-based housing association Magna has underlined its commitment to sustainability and social purpose by publishing its first environmental, social and governance (ESG) report.

The 2022/23 report is based on the Sustainability Reporting Standard produced by the organisation Sustainability for Housing. This means Magna meets the highest standards for ESG reporting alongside more than 100 UK housing associations. 

On a global level, Magna has also measured its impact against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Creating the posts of Director of Sustainability and Investment, and Sustainability Business Partner, to lead Magna’s sustainability efforts.
  • Achieving the highest ratings for governance and viability from the Regulator of Social Housing.
  • 100% of homes meeting the Decent Homes Standard.
  • Over 70% of existing homes and all new homes achieving energy efficiency (SAP) rating of C or better.

Along with reporting Magna’s current ESG position and demonstrating the great work already underway at Magna, the report also includes some areas of focus for development, and targets for improvement.

Paul Read, Magna’s Sustainability and Investment Director, said:

“The publishing of our 2022-23 ESG report demonstrates the deep commitment to sustainability and social value that is at the heart of Magna’s purpose.

“As providers and builders of affordable homes, we have a vital role to play in creating sustainable, healthy and thriving communities for the future.

“We recognise the impact we can have, especially on our communities and the wider area, and are committed to fulfilling our promises to our people, places and planet.

“We’re ambitious and optimistic for the future, for our customers and our region. Our goals include creating net zero homes within sustainable communities. We want to work together with a wide range of partners to create the skills, capabilities and investment to get there.

“This ESG report brings together the great work we’ve started, and sets a benchmark for us to build our goals and create a more sustainable future for our customers and communities.”

To read Magna’s first ESG report, go to