This week is National Tree Week, a campaign that recognises the importance of trees and how they play a vital part in making our environment greener.

Trees bring a lot to our local communities. As well as helping to brighten up areas, trees also help to clean the air around them, enrich the surrounding soil, capture harmful toxins, and provide habitat for small animals and insects.

Trees help to bring the areas around our homes to life, and our grounds maintenance team work hard to make sure they’re taken care of. Earlier this year, along with the help of contractors, they started maintenance works on 358 of our trees across Dorset to help keep them healthy.

Some of our colleagues in the team have also recently passed their chainsaw accreditation, which means that we’re now able to carry out minor tree works ourselves and provide even better value for money for our customers.

We have our trees surveyed every few years to do a health check and identify any that need work. This year we’ve had 1,417 trees surveyed in Somerset, and will begin working with contractors to maintain any that need work once the results are in.

We’re proud to have a passionate and dedicated team who work hard to preserve the beautiful trees in our communities. You can learn more about how we manage our trees in our tree management policy.