To support #InternationalWomensDay, we caught up with some of our amazing female colleagues to share their experiences. Becky Alford, Maintenance Manager, shares her views.

“I started in the world of work longer ago than I care to remember. The workplace has changed out of all recognition, but there are occasions where women still feel like interlopers - especially in professions that are historically underrepresented such as construction.

“Depending on which statistic you choose, women ‘on the tools’ only represent 2% of the workforce and a mere 14% in construction management. I currently manage trades teams that deliver works in our homes across Dorset and Somerset. Prior to this, I have worked as a surveyor and I started out working in the aids and adaptations environment, helping those less able to live a full and independent life.

“I don’t recognise my job as being something that is exclusive to men and I would encourage my fellow females into construction. If you love problem-solving, a new daily challenge, working with like-minded people who bring a variety of skills to achieve a shared objective, then construction is for you.

“Lady Anne Clifford was the first woman to take an active role in a building project when designing and implementing the refurbishment programme for her estate, she was born in 1590. She had to fight to gain her rightful inheritance of the estate, so no wonder she felt as invested as she did with the redesign and improvement project. She was described as strong, kind and resilient. These attributes are as relevant today as they were then and women the world over feel equally invested in contributing well to society, community and the place of work.

“What we are all working towards is a day when we no longer talk about women in male-dominated professions or indeed in the workplace; if there is true equality, there is no longer a need for debate and discussion. Where there are women, there is talent and where there is talent, there are women who will and should be noticed. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg says, ‘Women belong in all places where decisions are being made, it shouldn’t be that women are the exception.’”

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