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How do I apply?

Applying for housing

We work in partnership with local authorities where we have housing stock. They are responsible for keeping a housing register.

If you are looking for housing or wish to move, you should contact the local authority in the area that you wish to live to see if you are eligible to join their housing register:



Are you ready to bid?

Moving home is an exciting time and you need to ensure you're ready to move, prior to placing bids. If you answer yes to all the points below, you're ready!

  • I can pay 1 months' rent in advance
  • I have the funds to physically move
  • I don't have outstanding arrears or housing related debts
  • I am not tied into another tenancy
  • My current landlord will provide a positive reference
  • I understand the notice period of my current property
  • I have proof of earnings & identification
  • I have all the essential household items
  • I can move quickly if required

The type of property that you may be offered

We will only offer you a property that is suitable for your requirements and you will be able to select where you want to live. You can select as many areas as you wish.

The following are the most likely types of property to be offered:

  • Single person: Bedsit or 1 bedroom home
  • Couple: 1 or 2 bedroom home
  • Couple or single parent and 1 child: 2 bedroom home
  • Couple or single parent and 2 children: 2 or 3 bedroom home
  • Couple or single parent and 3 or 4 children: 3 or 4 bedroom home
  • Couple or single parent with 5 + children: 5 or 6 bedroom home


If you are homeless, or threatened with homelessness, you should contact the local authority as they have a duty to provide housing advice and may be able to provide you with some form of temporary accommodation.