How can I buy / rent from Magna?

If you're looking to buy or rent from us, we've got all the information you need to get started on our website.

I want to rent

If you'd like to rent from us, you'll usually need to apply through your local authority by joining the housing register first, even if you already live in a Magna home.

You'll have to meet some criteria in order to be eligible to join the housing register, such as being able to pay one months' rent in advance, being free of any housing related debt, being able to provide proof of earnings and identification and more.

You can learn more about how to apply and how you can find a home to rent from us here.

I want to buy

If you'd like to buy from us, we often have homes available to purchase through shared ownership, where you buy a percentage of your home and pay rent on the rest.

This is a great option for first time buyers as you can pay a smaller deposit and smaller mortgage, meaning you won't have to save quite as much to get on the property ladder. We'll own part of your home, but you'll be living there, decorating how you want, and you can decide when to sell.

You can learn more about shared ownership and see what homes we have available here.

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