My gas / oil heating isn't working

If your heating’s not working, there are some things you can try to get it up and running before you contact us. We’ve included some here

Check your gas or oil and electricity supply

If you have a pre-payment meter check that there is credit on the meter.

Check the trip switches on the fuse box, are any of them down, reset the trip switch.

You can check if you have oil by looking at the gauge which is usually located either on your oil tank or in your home.

Check the boiler pressure

Boiler pressure should usually be between 1 to 1.5 bars. If it is below this you can use the filling loop valve to adjust as needed. This should only be turned very slightly to allow a small amount of water in.

The Timer

If you use the boiler timer. Is it set to the correct time? It’s easy to accidentally knock this so check that the times are set to the times you’d like.

The thermostat

Check that the thermostat is set high enough, most people have this set at around 21C. You can try turning this higher to see if the boiler then comes on.

If the digital display on the thermostat isn’t working then the batteries will need changing, you’ll need to change the batteries.

Temperature control

Are the temperature controls on the boiler set high enough? There are 2 controls on the front of your boiler one for heating and one for hot water. Turn the heating temperature up fully to see if this makes the heating come on.

Try resetting the boiler

The boilers reset button should be on the front panel of the boiler. Simply press the reset button. If you can’t find this but the boiler has an electrical plug socket try switching this on and off.

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