What's the best way to manage my heating settings?

The timer

The heating timer or programmer lets you control what times your heating and hot water comes on. You can use this to set the heating to come on just before you wake up or just before you get home from work, it allows you to have the heating on at the time that best suits your household.

The Thermostat

The thermostat lets you set the heating to the temperature that you’d like, if you’d like the radiators to be set at different levels throughout your home you can adjust the thermostatic radiator valve which can be found on each radiator. This will allow you more control over the temperature in each room.

If you do not want to user the timer then your heating can be controlled by adjusting the main thermostat.

It is not good to completely turn a radiator off in a room for a long periods of time as this can lead to damp and mould issues. Find out more about damp and mould here.

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