Have you ever wondered what happens to our garden and wood waste?

As part of our Brilliant Basics strategy, we take our environmental responsibility seriously and work hard to make sure we’re making a positive difference to our local environment. This includes how we manage the waste that comes from carrying out improvements in our homes.

Some of our colleagues from our stores and grounds maintenance teams were recently invited by Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd to visit their recycling facility in Dorchester to see how our waste gets turned into compost.

Their site is built with sustainability at the forefront of what they do, using solar and a combined heat and power plan to create renewable energy, meaning the site runs off of 100% renewable energy and any excess is sent back to the grid.

We send them any organic materials that we have left over as waste, and it gets recycled into renewable energy or high-quality landscaping products such as compost, mulch, or nutrient-rich topsoil. Last year, we recycled over 305 tons of wood and 112 tons of garden waste!

They also have a site in Weymouth, which is best positioned for our teams in Dorset as it reduces the travel time and carbon emissions involved in getting waste to the facility.

We’re proud to be working with an organisation that has sustainability at the forefront and to reduce our carbon footprint. You can learn more about our Brilliant Basics strategy here.