This week is National Inclusion Week, a campaign that’s dedicated to celebrating inclusion and taking action to create inclusive spaces for all.

Inclusion sits at the core of our decision making, and we’ve been working hard to ensure that we’re as inclusive as possible for our customers and colleagues. This also extends to the way we’re building our homes, as having an inclusive approach allows us to consider the needs of our customers and their homes to a more personalised level.

Our new modular homes, being built in partnership with Rollalong, follow the Nationally Described Space Standards (NDSS) which aim to make sure that new homes are accessible, adaptable, and supportive of the diverse needs of our customers.

Paul Read, Director of Sustainability and Investment at Magna, is heavily involved in making sure our homes are at the forefront of modern building standards. He said: “Homes and estates are places we create, and we have to consider life through a century of change and our customers changing circumstances. A decarbonised world, resilience to extreme weather events and the changing patterns for work and learning. Building homes that create space for adaption over time is part of the thinking behind our new portfolio of homes and the way we plan our estates.”

We’re currently building 41 new modular homes at our new Royal Manor Place development in Portland, Dorset. These homes have been designed following the principles in Building for a Healthy Life, aiming to create homes that are accessible, inclusive, supportive of mental well-being, and are affordable to rent and buy.

These principles ensure our homes have things like good local transport links and amenities, green areas and public spaces for recreation, that we use local design elements to fit in with the area, and that our homes remain affordable to rent and buy.

Jo Martin, Director of Customer Operations at Magna, looks after all things customer, ensuring our customers have a great experience every step of the way. She said: “When creating great homes together, we recognise that space is a really important part of our customers’ homes. A lack of space in our customer’s homes can compromise basic lifestyle needs such as a space to store possessions, play, relax, exercise, work, and enjoy hobbies. Creating great spaces means our customers are able to live in their homes in a way that facilitates their own individual and family needs.”

We’re proud to be in a position where we can build our homes to a more inclusive standard and ensure that all of our customers can enjoy a home that suits their needs.

You can find out more about the homes we’re building here.