Today is Women's Equality Day and we’d like to celebrate all of the passionate and hard-working women that make up Magna and everything they do to help support our customers and colleagues.

We caught up with Ami Davis, Director of Organisational Capability at Magna, to find out about her role and what work is being done around inclusion. She said: “My role covers all things people, processes and systems to ensure that Magna can deliver its strategy and vision.”

“I really enjoy my role, as it brings together all aspects of change and transformation. I have a great team with many diverse skills and experiences, and seeing their potential grow is really rewarding.”

Ami is part of our executive team. 60% of our executive team are women, with women making up 41% of our total workforce.

Ami continued: “I think everyone deserves to thrive and achieve their potential and that organisations play an important role in that experience. For me personally, I have experienced both the feeling of an inclusive culture and my manager backing me, my ideas and development, and a role within a company where I experienced active discrimination. The difference didn’t just impact my working life, but also my mental health, relationships, and aspirations.”

We recently carried out a colleague engagement survey to find out how colleagues are feeling. The responses demonstrated that our intent around inclusion is making a difference to colleague experiences, and it will remain a clear priority for us.

“We’ve taken time to understand from colleagues and customers about their experiences and have clear insight from this about what is going well and what needs to improve. We’ve updated our equality policy and completed a range of development sessions to improve our capability around equality, equity, and inclusion.”

“We’ve also published a plan of actions for 2023-24 and will be revisiting this as we build the next phase of our Magna strategy from 2024 onwards. As a leader in the business, I’m fully committed to this work and ensuring that we put the time, resource, knowledge, and understanding in place to be inclusive.”

At Magna, we believe that inclusion brings us closer together so we can do the best work of our lives. We achieve outstanding results when we come together, and we’d like to thank Ami and all of our other incredible women who strive to make difference in our customers lives.

You can read our inclusion policy here.