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Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Policy statement

This policy outlines our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion at Magna. This policy applies to our colleagues, customers and anyone else with whom we interact.

Magna will follow and meet all equality, diversity and inclusion legislative, statutory and regulatory requirements. This includes the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

Magna will seek to learn from best practice and implement this where we can.

What it means to us


Everyone is treated according to their needs, and no-one is treated unfairly or discriminated against because of their characteristics.


We recognise and value the differences in all of us. The differences that you can see and those that you can't. Magna is proud to represent diversity in our society.


With a strong foundation in equality and diversity we can be inclusive. We ensure that our ways of working enable everyone to take part; no-one feels left out. People can be themselves and feel that they belong.

Our inclusion vision

Inclusion for everyone is our commitment to making long term and deep change to become an organisation known for being inclusive and welcoming for all. We won't achieve our vision, mission or strategy without being inclusive. It is the foundation of how we work, our culture and our values and how we adjust to make sure our customer and colleague experiences are welcoming and relevant.

Our successes come through an appreciation of difference - different perspectives, experiences, thoughts, actions and skills. All of which add value and generate innovation. Embracing difference will enable us to get it right, first time, and offer the right homes in the right place for our customers.

Everyone is valued. We celebrate your difference and support you.

Bringing this policy to life

We know that having a policy document alone does not mean that the statements within it will be achieved. We need to embed it in our day-to-day work and we will do this by:

  • Defining our inclusion objectives
  • Defining our inclusion commitments - using Equality Impact Assessments as an active way to ensure we live up to these
  • Defining our inclusion values
  • Defining what inclusion means for everyone so that they can play their part

And then:

  • Our inclusion strategy
  • Our inclusion action plan, ensuring this is reviewed annually

Inclusion objectives

We have created five objectives to help us achieve our inclusion vision. We will:

  • Embed ED&I so it is an integral, crucial and ongoing element of our strategic priorities, objectives and ways of working
  • Ensure effective and inclusive engagement to ensure informed decision-making and co-creation
  • Assess and monitor the ED&I impact of how we work
  • Actively identify and tackle prejudice, bias and barriers
  • Share our stories and inspire others

Our inclusion commitments

We know that our work on inclusion needs to be relevant. We've therefore created our inclusion commitments, to clearly spell out what this means to different groups.

To our colleagues

It's not enough to be compliant with equality legislation for us to be an employer where talented and ambitious people enjoy rewarding and fulfilling careers in an inspiration environment. Employees today want more from their employer. They want to feel a part of something: it's more than just a job.

To create that feeling of belonging we will be an inclusive employer - our employees are our colleagues, we value each and every one of them and their experiences, perceptions, opinions and skills. These differences both enable our organisation to operate optimally and allow our colleagues to feel valued, included and encouraged, whatever their role, background, ability or orientation.

Everyone is valued, and everyone is part of the Magna we are developing.

To our customers

We exist to provide great homes for our customers. To do this we will understand them and their needs - both for the here and now and into the future. We will provide the services that are needed through our day-to-day repairs and housing work, but also with a look to the future and making decisions now that will be fit for purpose for their future needs.

This extends to the design of, and investment in, our future homes. To be successful at this level of understanding we will hear each customer voice loud and clear, regardless of their background or situation.

To our communities and partners

The work we do extends beyond those employed by us and those living in the homes we manage - we have relationships with suppliers, representative groups, regulatory bodies and many more. We also connect with future colleagues and future customers through the engagement we do with schools and community groups.

Our work on inclusion needs to extend into our communities. We will be a role model and help influence change for good. Through our work on inclusion, we will ensure that those we work with are also embracing similar ways of operating for their connections too.

Inclusion values

Our Magna values have been designed with inclusion in mind. We expect all our Magna colleagues to understand our values and to demonstrate them every day. Achievement of our inclusion vision, objectives, values and commitments is really important to us. We will take seriously any behaviour that is contrary and detrimental to these. We will also investigate any potential breaches of the legislation or regulations on equality, diversity and inclusion.

For colleagues we will address this through the managing behaviour procedure. Serious behaviour, acts or omissions will be treated as gross misconduct and could lead to termination of employment.

For customers we will address this through the unacceptable customer behaviour policy. Serious behaviour, acts or omissions may be classed as a breach of tenancy and could lead to the tenancy being terminated.

For our suppliers, this will be investigated by the relevant head of department, or their nominee. Serious behaviour, acts or omissions may lead to termination of contract and / or ceasing future relationships.


Everyone has a part to play to ensure that our inclusion objectives are achieved. These roles are defined below.

Magna's Board

Magna's Board own the inclusion agenda at Magna. They set the strategic direction and ensure that decision making at Boards and Committees considers inclusion opportunities and risks.

Magna's leadership team

Magna's leadership team create and deliver the inclusion action plan. They show active demonstration of inclusion at Magna through internal and external promotion. They join inclusion networks to drive best practice and share insights.

They will be real models through visible action, personal development and demonstration of the values. They will hold each other, and their teams, to account in living our Magna values. They will drive inclusion performance and implement positive action.

Magna managers

All Magna managers are responsible for demonstrating and upholding our Magna values. They will consider inclusion impacts as part of their day-to-day management of colleagues and business areas.

Magna colleagues

All Magna colleagues are responsible for demonstrating the Magna values in their day-to-day work.

Magna customers

We ask that our customers support us to create an inclusive society through their actions - treating everyone with respect and courtesy.

Magna partners

Contractors and suppliers are responsible for working under and adhering to this policy, communicating the policy to their staff, ensure their own employment practices are non-discriminatory, and informing of any perceived or actual incidence/s of unlawful discrimination.


What inclusion means, and what we will need to do about it, is changing all the time. This is why we will ensure that our inclusion policy action plan is reviewed at least annually, and this policy is reviewed at least every three years.