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Lots of people like to have pets, but it’s important that pet owners are responsible for them. Many of you who responded to the survey for tenants and residents (STAR) felt that ‘dog fouling and dog mess’ and ‘other problems with pets and animals’ were major problems in a number of neighbourhoods. To help to improve this issue, we have introduced a pets and animal policy.

From now on, we will ask for evidence that a dog has been micro-chipped before we give permission for a resident to keep it.

We will also not allow residents to keep dangerous dogs (defined or amended under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991) even if a court order allows the owners to keep them.

You can download a copy of the pet and animal policy

You can download our information on promoting responsible pet ownership

Don’t forget! You need permission from your housing officer before you can have a pet.

Apply for a pet.

Apply for a pet

Apply for a pet

Please fill in the details required on the form, then press submit to return to us. We will use the information you provide to assess your application.

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