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I'm struggling to pay, what can I do?

We're here to help you, and the earlier you contact us, the more options you'll have to avoid falling further into debt and the worry of potentially losing your home.

There are lots of organisations that can help you if you are experiencing financial difficulties. Here are a few essential tips to help avoid your home being repossessed:

  1. Speak to the home ownership team at Magna as soon as you experience problems paying your rent or service charges. You can also get in touch with our money matters team.

  2. Speak to your mortgage lender as soon as you think you have a problem making your mortgage repayments. If it is required, your mortgage lender may be able to arrange a payment agreement with you.

  3. Speak to an independent adviser immediately if you can't reach a repayment agreement with your lender or can't pay at all. The Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to give you free and impartial advice.

Please note that some independent financial advisors will charge you for their advice. Make sure you ask the adviser if there is a fee before agreeing to an appointment. Please be aware that some telephone numbers may also be premium rate telephone numbers.

Other organisations that may be able to help you or offer advice:

Consumer Credit Counselling Services
0800 138 1111

National Debtline
0808 808 4000

0844 515 2000