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Our legal fees

Some of our services may require you pay Magna to cover our legal fees. This is normally for things like selling your home or buying through shared ownership.

You'll always be informed by us if we require you to pay any legal fees and you should also be informed how much you'll need to pay.

We've included a full list below of our different legal fees:

Nature of workFee
Section 157 applications£60
Leasehold enquiries£150
Registration / acceptance of deed of covenant£60
Notice of Assignment & Charge£60
Legal costs for sales£450
Memorandum for staircasing£180
Preparation of Licence for non-Magna customers£140
Licence feeVaries at our discretion
Copy of plans / documents for private customers£20
Mortgage consents£60
Certificate of Compliance / Certificate of Consent£50

These fees may still vary depending on your specific circumstances, but these are the general costs for our legal and administration services.

If you've got a question about any of these costs, please get in touch with us.