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Buying additional shares from 1%

Buying more shares in your home is known as staircasing. You may be able to buy additional shares starting from 1%, however you have the option to buy larger amounts as well. Read each section below to learn more.

Buying a 1% share

Your dedicated lease and key information documents provided to you when you brought your home will tell you if you're able to buy a 1% share for the first 15 years from the commencement of the lease.

Buying a further 1% share must be a cash transaction meaning you'll need to pay for these shares in full. No additional advances can be obtained through existing mortgages. We still encourage you to seek independent financial advice to make sure you choose the option that's best for you. This could be buying a 1% share, making an additional payment towards your mortgage, or something else. This option is designed so that you don't need a solicitor, but you do still have the option to seek legal advice if you wish, but you would need to pay for this.

If you want to continue, fill in the form below and we'll carry out a House Price Index (HPI) valuation for you. If you want to proceed following the valuation, a personal and money laundering check will be carried out by a third-party organisation and there will be a fee for this service which you'll have to pay.

Buying a 5% share or more

A larger number of shares can be purchased at any time, starting at 5%. A RICS valuation will need to be carried out for this, and there'll be a fee for this which you'll have to pay. You can find out more about buying shares in your home here.