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A quick guide to changing fluorescent light bulbs

Lots of our customers ask us about what to do when their fluorescent lights start to flicker or don’t work. We have put together this handy guide for you.

There are 2 types of fluorescent lights typically found in our customers’ homes. A long thin light generally in kitchens and enclosed round lights generally found in a bathroom.

While you can find lightbulbs, fluorescent tubes and starter motors in most DIY stores the easiest and often cheapest way to get them is online.

We hope the diagrams and instructions below are helpful.

Long thin light – usually in kitchens

If the light is flickering then it is most probably the starter that needs replacing. If the light is shimmering or very dim then it is most probably the fluorescent tube (lightbulb) that needs replacing.

Both of these things are really easy for most people to replace and generally we ask customers to do this themselves. If you can’t do it yourself then a friend or family member may be able to help you. However, in certain circumstances we can help so contact us if you need us.

To replace the starter

Turn off the light. Press in the starter, then turn it anti-clockwise (a quarter turn) and pull out. You can then take this to most electrical retailers to buy a replacement. Then simply replace following the same method but turn it clockwise to lock it in place.

To replace the tube

Turn off the light. Unclip the diffuser (if it has one) and then grip one end of the tube and push towards the other end which will release it from the connectors. Measure the tube and wattage to buy a replacement. Follow the same instructions to replace the tube.

Round enclosed light – usually in bathrooms

If you have an enclosed bathroom light which looks like this picture, then you will need a Phillips screwdriver (crosshead) and a 2D light bulb which you will find in most electrical retailers DIY shops or online.

To replace the bulb

The casing has 3 screws holding it in place, unscrew all 3 and take off the casing. Remove the old 2D light bulb and replace with the new. Simply refix the casing by screwing back in all the screws.

If the screws appear to be triangular in shape please call us on 0800 358 6025 who will help you.