Survey being completed

Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Since 2012 we have asked our customers what they think about us through STAR (Survey of Tenants and Residents). We compare our results to other housing associations through HouseMark. This is changing to be called the Tenant Satisfaction Measure (TSM) survey.

Why the change?

Whereas we chose to do STAR, the government now require all housing associations to carry out the TSM survey. This means we'll now be able to compare our results to even more housing associations.

The TSMs have been designed through research with housing association residents, so they ask questions on subjects that really matter – overall satisfaction, keeping properties in good repair, maintaining building safety, respectful and helpful engagement, effective handling of complaints and responsible neighbourhood management.

As well as the TSMs contained in the survey, there are 10 TSMs that will be collected through management information such as the number of complaints we get, the number of anti-social behaviour cases we have and the way we maintain safety standards in the maintenance of our homes.

What you can expect

Not all customers will be surveyed, but we'll make sure we get views from a range of customers. The results as a whole will represent the types of Magna homes our customers’ live in and where they are.

We are working with HouseMark and Service Insights to carry out the TSMs so that our customers are assured the results are confidential; you can be as honest as possible with a neutral party, certified by the Market Research Society. You might receive a questionnaire by email or through the post, from Service Insights, or you might get a phone call to ask you the questions. Rest assured this is legitimate, they are carrying out the survey on our behalf, but if you have any concerns you can contact us directly to check.

Sharing the results

We will publish the results twice a year and explain what we are doing with them. This is another really important way to make sure we hear our customers and do something about the issues they raise.

You can read more about the TSMs on the Government’s website.