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Our Board & Governance

Our Board

The board is responsible for setting Magna’s vision and strategy and for directing and controlling the business. It consists of a maximum of 12 members, including the Chief Executive. Apart from the Chief Executive, all board members are non-executive and are shareholders.

The board is led by a chair who is appointed by the board and who presides at all meetings. The chair is responsible for the leadership of the board and ensuring its effectiveness.

Magna maintains a register of interests, in which we record all interests declared by our board members. This is available for public inspection.

Are you interested in joining our board? Contact Emma Rodell (01305 216093) for more details.

Christine Turner

Chair of the board

Christine has over 35 years’ experience in social housing in various roles including as a senior executive, a board member and as a regulator.

She is currently chair for Rosebery Housing Association, based in Epsom, and will continue in this role whilst also working as chair for Magna.

Christine is particularly interested in the provision of housing to meet a wide range of needs and which support social regeneration. She has championed customer involvement and standards of service delivery. Her expertise also encompasses development and low cost home ownership.

Asit Acharya

Board member

Asit has over 25 years’ experience in senior management roles in local government and housing associations. He is a former chief officer in a combined housing and social services department in London. Some of Asit's other roles include managing director of ASRA (Greater London) housing association and service improvement director for the Guinness Trust and he has been a board member of several housing organisations. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and has a postgraduate qualification in housing.

Debbie Bond

Board member

Debbie works in the family business, a long-established domestic appliance sales and repair shop in Bridport. She is currently Secretary and VP of Bridport Business Chamber of Trade and Commerce and has just become a founder director of Energy Local Bridport, a first-of-its-kind initiative helping people to benefit from the green electricity generated locally. She has previously worked in other retail, customer service and publishing roles. She has over 20 years’ experience of being a tenant of Magna Housing which gives her an insight into issues faced by tenants and puts her in a position to offer solutions based on actual experience. She has a degree in law from the Open University.

Graham Clarke

Board member

Graham is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and has many years’ experience of operating at executive level for large and small organisations in the UK and overseas. In his early career he held finance positions at Imperial Tobacco, Kraft Foods and Group 4. He became Finance Director for Cornwall Hospice Care in September 2016. Prior to that, he spent five years in a similar position at the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), the UK regulatory body for the accounting, auditing and actuarial professions, based in Central London.

Phyllida Culpin

Board member

Phyllida Culpin has 20 years’ experience as a housing professional with a background in regeneration of large estates, community development, social cohesion and development of employment and training for residents. She was executive director of customer and community services at Yarlington Housing Group for four years and is passionate about involving residents and using customer insight to improve services and efficiency. Prior to working for Yarlington, Phyllida was with the Metropolitan Housing Trust in London for 13 years and includes campaigning for low cost housing and social inclusion among her personal interests.

Suzanne Rastrick

Board member

Suzanne qualified as an Occupational Therapist from Oxford. She began her career in the acute hospital sector, moving to practice in community services where she gained her first general management role.

Suzanne was the first Allied Health Professional (AHP) to hold a substantive Director of Nursing post in both providing and commissioning organisations. She became the Chief Executive of a Primary Care Trust, where a particular highlight was having leadership responsibility for delivering health resilience and health ‘blue light’ services during the Olympic sailing events held in Dorset in 2012. She subsequently gained authorisation for a large Clinical Commissioning Group, before moving to her current post with NHS England.

She was appointed as Chief Allied Health Professions Officer for England in September 2014.

Her vision to utilise crowdsourcing in the development of the strategy AHPs into Action (NHS England, 2017) has been recognised as ground breaking in policy development.

Since her mid-twenties Suzanne has held non-executive portfolios outside of the NHS, including audit committee chair roles, predominantly in the housing and charitable sector. She was awarded an OBE in the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours.

Alistair Auty

Board member

Alistair has over 20 years’ multi-disciplined experience in strategic management, business and relationship development and executive leadership. Graduating with a degree in business administration, he spent the first 10 years of his career in the telecoms industry working for both US & Swedish operators. Since then Alistair has worked in the UK and international property sector with extensive experience in property management.

Alistair is passionate about affordable housing and was a non-executive director and chair of Wokingham Housing Limited (WHL), an affordable and market housing provider in Wokingham, Berkshire. During his tenure, WHL developed and delivered one quarter of all affordable houses within the Borough.

Alistair served as an elected Councillor with Wokingham Borough Council between 2007 and 2019.

Selina White

Chief Executive

Selina is responsible for the smooth running of Magna Housing.

Selina was previously group finance director at Knightstone Housing Association.

Selina spent the first 20 years of her career in accountancy and finance director roles before moving through various senior finance roles with Orbit (also a housing association) and BNP Paribas (a bank).

In September 2020, the Board appointed Selina as a member of the Board.


The Board delegates some of its work to committees. There are committees dealing with risk and audit, membership and remuneration, and supply and investment. There is also a chairs’ committee, comprising the chair of the board and the committee chairs, and a treasury panel. Each has terms of reference and reports to the Board by means of its minutes and reports from its committee/panel chair. Membership of the committees and panel is agreed by the Board and is shown below.

Membership and Remuneration Committee

Chair: Phyllida Culpin.

Members: Debbie Bond, Suzanne Rastrick and Christine Turner.

Risk and Audit Committee

Chair: Suzanne Rastrick.

Members: Asit Acharya, Debbie Bond and Graham Clarke.

Supply and Investment Committee

Chair: Alistair Auty.

Members: Asit Acharya, Phyllida Culpin, Simon Gibbs (independent member) and Robin Roberts (independent member).

Treasury Panel

Chair: Graham Clarke.

Members: Simon Gibbs (independent member) and Christine Turner.


We currently have 17 shareholders. Of these, 5 (29%) are Magna customers.

Shareholders attend Magna’s annual general meetings and any special general meetings. The functions of annual general meetings include receiving the annual report, appointing the external auditor, and electing or re-electing board members.

In accordance with Magna’s Rules and our membership policy, board members (except the Chief Executive) automatically become shareholders when they are appointed as board members. Members cease to be a shareholder when their board membership ends.

Except for new board members, Magna does not seek new shareholding members.