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Community and Stakeholder Involvement Policy


For Magna, community and stakeholder involvement means working closely with others in areas where we own and manage properties to improve services to our customers and the areas in which they live. This approach will often benefit the wider community too. To achieve this, we aim to co-operate with relevant partners to help promote social, environmental and economic well-being in our core areas.

What is community involvement?

We have published service standards that demonstrate how our work is intended to benefit local communities. These include estate management, nuisance and anti-social behaviour and tenancy standards. You can view these here.

Our partners and stakeholders

Our partners and stakeholders include local authorities, the police and fire services, county, town and parish councils, health services, schools and colleges, other housing providers and voluntary and community organisations.

Our core local authority areas are those administered by Somerset West and Taunton Council, Sedgemoor Council, South Somerset Council and Dorset Council. We will concentrate our community and stakeholder involvement efforts in our core areas, where our presence and impact is most effective.

Our roles

Within the core areas, we will help promote social, environmental and economic wellbeing in the following ways, subject to Magna's other policies:

  • Meeting housing need and improving housing conditions by developing new homes for rent and shared ownership and re-letting our existing homes.
  • Providing support to help people to live independently in their own homes.
  • Promoting the health and wellbeing of older people and people with support needs.
  • Working with others to assist with crime and disorder reduction.
  • Promoting community safety, including fire safety.
  • Advising on money matters and welfare benefits.
  • Helping to tackle fuel poverty.
  • Supporting the local economy through employment and purchasing goods.
  • Providing employment and training.
  • Using Magna's community improvement funds to benefit customers in the areas where they live.

Occasionally our role may put us in conflict with the local community. In these situations we will take time to explain the reasons for our decisions and, where it is possible, to modify or adapt our plans to take account of community feedback.

How do we get involved?

Supporting local authorities and strategic partnerships in our core areas

We work at all levels with relevant partners and stakeholders to influence how local services are provided to better meet the needs of our customers and wider community.

We will support strategic partnerships and housing forums in our core areas of operation. We will play a role in facilitating and contributing to local plans and agreements, promote our role to our customers and partners, share information where there is a protocol in place to do so, and consult with relevant partners about our work through publications, our website and at meetings.

Supporting customers and communities

We work with communities and other stakeholders to help maintain and improve areas where we own or manage properties. We do this by:

  • Working closely with and involving our customers to help us understand the needs of the community.
  • Agreeing service standards, procedures and protocols with customers and other stakeholders and monitoring the effectiveness of them.
  • Communicating effectively with our customers and partners about what we are doing in the community and what we want to achieve.
  • Encouraging our colleagues to work with other organisations to promote and to support community projects.
  • Promoting and holding our own community events.
  • Helping and assisting customers, where appropriate, to hold community events.
  • Sponsoring community activities, where appropriate.
  • Setting aside an annual community improvement budget.
  • Promoting our community improvement fund with customers and community organisations and welcoming applications for projects and donations that will benefit our customers. Examples of community improvements are improved car parking facilities, bicycle and mobility scooter storage at blocks of flats, and improvements to communal gardens. Examples of donations include help to improve community facilities such as play areas, local groups and clubs and village shops.

Promoting Magna

We provide a variety of housing-relating services which benefit the wider community. These services complement housing services and help us to support our customers.

We publish relevant policies, procedures and service standards on community involvement.

We have colleagues to help involve customers and to promote Magna in the community where we own property, maintain and improve the neighbourhoods where we have properties, and work with customers and other stakeholders to support community projects and initiatives that benefit Magna and its customers.

Measuring the impact of community and stakeholder involvement

We will measure the impact of our community and stakeholder involvement by:

  • Obtaining partners' views about what we do and the difference we have made
  • Assessing the impact of community events by listening to what people tell us, giving feedback on what we have done and assessing the difference it has made.
  • Assessing the impact that community improvements carried out using the community improvement fund have had on customers.

Value for money (VfM)

Magna's community and stakeholder involvement activities will be reviewed regularly. We will ensure we are focusing on the right areas to achieve the best outcomes for Magna, our customers and relevant partners and stakeholders.