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Customer information policy

This policy outlines how we will operate in regards to making information available to our customers and communicating it effectively


Magna aims to operate in an open and accountable way and recognises the importance of making information available about its services and activities.

Scope of this policy

This policy applies to all Board members, executive directors, senior management team, leadership team and colleagues whether permanent, part-time, fixed term, casual employees and volunteers of the organisation, and to any temporary staff, consultants or contractors working on our behalf.

The policy specifically covers how we will communicate with our customers about our services and activities and what information we will routinely publish. Customer engagement and information surrounding data protection rights is covered in other documents.

Policy statement

We will communicate regularly with customers and other stakeholders about our work by making our information and updates available to them, for example, in our quarterly magazine (Opendoor), our press releases, email updates and on our website.

We will also produce updates for our customers in relation to our performance and activities, as well as our financial statements, which we will publish on our website once approved.

We will have regard to the communication needs of diverse groups and communities and make our information available in various formats on request (eg Braille, large print, audio) as well as in other languages. We have audio software (ReachDeck) on our website. We will ensure that customers who do not have access to the internet are informed via their specified communication method.

We will respond to requests for information about our work and activities as quickly as we can, given the resources available and the nature of the request. We will respond to requests within five working days, even if we cannot answer fully within that timescale. We will respond in a considered and transparent way and put customers at the heart of everything we do to ensure we are improving their customer experience. Our complaints system is available for anyone who feels we have not done so, however, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers, first time, every time.

We make some of our policies and procedures available on our website, as agreed with our Board.


The Strategic Organisational Capability Director is the accountable person in relation to all aspects of marketing, strategy and delivery at Magna and is responsible for the development and review of this policy, ensuring that this meets all regulatory requirements and guidance.

The Head of Digital is responsible for operational delivery of marketing, strategy and delivery activities, for maintaining accurate data in this area, and for reporting on management of this area in line with governance arrangements.

The Head of Customer Experience and Home Services is responsible for ensuring that customer information is relevant and timely, requests are responded to within the agreed timescales and complaints are dealt with through the complaints policy.

Information we will publish

In line with our regulatory requirements, we will publish information as listed in the customer information procedure.

Governance, performance management and review

The policy will be considered and approved every three years in line with the policy review timetable.