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Building Safety Group

What’s it about?

One of our key aims is to ensure that going forward, a culture of trust, co-operation and information sharing is forged with customers so that we can work together to increase performance and ensure we are keeping people safe in their homes.

The law is changing with the new fire safety and building safety bills and we need to meet the new requirements of this legislation and introduce best practice in respect of safety.

How can you help?

This group will influence the way we shape our safety services and make sure customers are aware of new legislation.

What do you need to get involved?

  • Think of the wider picture and how building safety affects all customers.
  • Have time to read documents.
  • Have time to attend virtual/face-to-face meetings when needed.
  • You will need some IT knowledge, access to the internet and an email address.

Interested in becoming a part of this group?

If you'd like to become part of the group click here.