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Get involved

We want to give all our customers the opportunity to influence how our services are delivered, so we offer different ways for you to engage with us. If you want to make a positive difference, get involved!

You can feed back about the services you receive from us, get involved in how those services are managed, and have a say in new services or services that are changing.

We hold a database of customers who have requested to be engaged with a service area of interest and how you'd like to give your views.

We make it easy for you to be involved. We pay travel expenses and help arrange travel if needed, we also pay child care costs.

If you are interested in giving your views, please let us know by completing our online form. This gives the three areas of interest and your feedback options.

If you'd like to see some of the ways our customers have been engaging with us, take a look at our customer engagement facts and figures.

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Face to face Task and Finish Focus Group meetings

A task and finish group is a face to face meeting of one or two meetings with a group of interested customers. We generally use task and finish groups where a particular issue needs to be examined in detail or, where we would like your views on a very specific subject or question.

When a topic is identified for a task and finish group, we’ll contact residents interested in this type of service to see if you can make the date and time of the meeting(s).

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Online surveys and groups

Questions about your preferred service areas via email (as and when)

When a topic is identified for a task and finish online group, we’ll also contact customers interested in this type of service via email and ask for comments and views on that topic.

We also regularly review our polices and service standards and gather feedback via email.

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We have various events throughout the year which you can come along to and give your views as well as having a good time! This could be a community event or an open day. Some of our events are in partnership with other agencies. These events are usually free to attend. Keep an eye on our social media for upcoming events.

If you think where you live could benefit from an event to bring the community together, contact Neil Bliss, Customer & Community Involvement Officer, on 01984 635134 or email

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Social Media

We have a Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as a members only customer Facebook group, so please comment on any aspect of our services or take part in any online polls.

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Scrutiny Group

The purpose of the group is:

‘A group of residents working together with staff to check and challenge our service delivery and performance to help improve services.’

They will look at specific areas where evidence is showing we could do better with the service we currently provide.

If you are interested, contact Neil Bliss, Customer & Community Involvement Officer, on 01984 635134 or email

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Mystery shoppers

We ask some of our customers to comment on the work we do, but they remain anonymous to all staff apart from one person. They are our mystery shoppers and they can give frank and honest opinions about the work we do. If you would like to be a mystery shopper, please contact Neil Bliss, Customer & Community Involvement Officer, on 01984 635134 or email

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in our groups, events and meetings over the years. We really appreciate the time you have given to help improve our services.

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Board members

Magna Housing is managed by paid staff who run the day to day operations. It is directed by our board which is responsible for setting Magna’s overall purpose and strategy and agreeing our policies. You do not have to be a resident to be on our board.

For more information on becoming a board member, please contact Elaine Crooke, head of policy, governance and research, in the first instance on 01305 216135, or by email.

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Online activities

Would you like to take part in our online Zoom activities using your own computer, laptop, tablet or iphone in your own home? It's a great opportunity to make some new Magna friends and learn new skills.