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Customer insight

Throughout the year, we send customers satisfaction surveys after we complete a piece of work for them (like a planned or response repair after they first move into their new home). We also send a perception survey to ask about overall satisfaction with Magna. Put together, insights from these surveys help us understand where we need to make improvements and develop in line with customer priorities. In addition, we learn where to capture more feedback from our diverse customers, to make sure we have representative views that can influence change.

Our customer insight report for 2022/23 can be viewed here.

Customer research with Grand Union Housing and Maru Matchbox

We're currently working with Grand Union Housing (another housing association) and a research agency called Maru (Matchbox) to carry out surveys with our customers to gather information.

Why we're conducting the research

To make our services and homes better, we need to improve our understanding of what our customers’ situations and support needs are. That's why we're working with housing and research experts to gather more information.

What you can expect

We'll be contacting lots of our customers, to make sure we get views from a wide range of customers. The results as a whole will represent the different types of Magna homes and locations.

You might receive a questionnaire by email from Maru, or you might get a phone call to ask you the questions. Rest assured this is legitimate - they are carrying out the survey on our behalf, but if you have any concerns you can contact us to check. You'll also be offered an incentive to say thank you for taking part.

The type of things that will be asked

If you agree to take part, by email or over the phone, you don't have to answer all of the questions – just those you are happy to. The questions cover a wide range of topics including your current and future concerns, caring responsibilities, maintenance of your home, your working situation and income, as well as any long-term health conditions or disabilities you might have.

How your information will be looked after

You might have concerns about sharing information but please be assured that your details are safe and won’t be directly attributed to you in the reports we produce.

Research agencies are bound by a strict code of conduct and by strict data protection and security practices too. For more information on this, you can visit the Market Research Society website.

We also have our own approach to data protection and security which you can learn more about here.

Sharing the results

We'll publish the overall results of the survey and explain what we're doing with them to improve our services. This is another really important way to make sure we hear our customers and do something about the issues they raise. The results will also provide us with in-depth information to support improvements to our Tenant Satisfaction Measures.