Notebook and glasses

Editorial Group

What’s it about?

This group supports and influences our communications. This could include looking at our printed leaflets, policies and procedures, service standards, letters, our website and the Opendoor magazine.

How can you help?

If you're a great proofreader, and you'd like to make suggestions for improvements, this could be the group for you. We’d like a broad range of customers of all ages to make up the group so no matter what type of home you’re in, where you live or what your background is; we’d like to hear from you. And you can do all this from your home.

What do you need to get involved?

  • Access to the internet and an email address
  • Think of the wider picture and how things affect all customers
  • Have time to read documents and reply with constructive suggestions for change.

Interested in becoming a part of this group?

If you'd like to become part of the group click here.