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Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a benefit for working age people, that has been introduced by the government. It has replaced employment and support allowance (income related), jobseekers allowance (income based), income support, child tax credit, working tax credit and housing benefit.

It is paid calendar monthly in arrears and includes any entitlement to the rent cost that you have.

Claims for Universal Credit need to be made online. You need to visit to do this. Backdating is extremely limited, so it is important you do this as soon as you think you may be eligible. In exceptional circumstances you will be able to claim by ringing 0800 328 5644, but they will encourage you to do it online wherever possible.

By the end of 2024, it is expected that everyone currently on one of the existing benefits will be transferred to Universal Credit.

If you have any questions regarding Universal Credit please contact us.

The following people may also be able to offer support and advice:

Managed migration to Universal Credit

If you're still claiming older benefits, you may be asked to switch to Universal Credit at some point.

We've made a useful video which helps to explain the switch, what it may mean for you, and how we can help support you through it. Give it a watch below.