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Disabled adaptations

If you have a disability, or a member of your household does, and you are finding it difficult to carry out every day tasks, adaptations or alterations could be made to help you live and move around your home more independently.

We pay for minor adaptations to be carried out. For example putting in lever taps in the wash basin, a grab rail near the bath, installing an additional socket or adapting a heating or lighting control to make it easier to use.  If you could benefit from a minor adaptation in your home, please contact us.
Sometimes a major adaptation may be needed to help you. For example installing a stair lift or a shower, alterations to the kitchen and bathroom at wheelchair height, widening of doors or putting in ramps.

If you could benefit from a major adaptation or alteration to your home, you will need to contact your local social care & health office to ask for a specialist occupational therapist to visit to assess your specific needs.  If you need help with this, please let us know.

If a need is identified, the occupational therapist will make a recommendation for suitable adaptations.  The recommendation will be passed to your local council who may award a grant so that the adaptation can be carried out.  Where there is a shortfall in funding, we may be able to assist with ‘topping up’ the grant necessary to carry out the adaptation or alteration in your home.

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