Alfie joined Magna nine months ago as an Apprentice Plumber, and we’d like to share a bit about his apprenticeship journey so far.

Since joining us, Alfie has been working alongside our colleagues and visiting our customers’ homes to gain valuable experience as part of his apprenticeship.

More recently, his managers helped to organise a month of work experience on one of our sites in Williton, building new homes. He was working alongside Vistry, a contractor helping us to deliver great quality homes, so he could get an insight into what it’s like working on site. It’s also helped him to complete several units in his portfolio towards his Level 1 Plumbing course.

Here’s what Alfie had to say:

“I’ve been working at Magna as an Apprentice Plumber, for about nine months, as part of a four year apprenticeship. For the last month I’ve been working at a local site in Williton to gain some site experience and it’s been really useful for me. I’ve learned lots of valuable skills that will help me throughout my apprenticeship.

“I always saw Magna vans driving around in my local area growing up, so when I was looking for an apprenticeship, Magna seemed like a good choice. I really enjoy working here, and from day one my colleagues have always been very helpful and supportive.”

Alfie has had amazing support from his colleagues and from Vistry during his month of work experience, and he has now returned to visiting our customers’ homes to continue learning and developing his skills.

Alfie added: “I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone looking to get their foot in the door as you get lots of great work experience while on the job, and as an added benefit you’re getting paid at the same time as gaining a qualification.”

We’re proud to be able to support apprentices like Alfie and help guide them through their learning and development journey, and to be able to provide unique and rewarding experiences which will help our apprentices to gain valuable skills in different parts of the business.

You can learn more about apprenticeships at Magna by clicking here.