This week is ASB Awareness Week, and this year’s theme is #KnowyourRights. We’re committed to resolving anti-social behaviour (ASB) in our local communities and we work with other local agencies to make sure that our customers can live safely in their homes.

Resolve ASB has worked with us to review our approach to ASB, and following their completed report we’ve reshaped our policies to create a new community safety policy which outlines how we deal with ASB and what our customers’ rights are.

Our new policy outlines what we consider as ASB, how we can manage it, and how we’ll work with partners and other organisations to help resolve cases.

Lauren Tucker, Safer Communities Lead at Magna, said: "One of our values is Always Safe and tackling ASB in our local communities is a priority for us as an organisation. Our new policy provides a robust framework for dealing with reported cases and outlining the rights that our customers have, making it easier for our colleagues and customers to understand how we manage ASB.”

You can read the new policy here.