The Social Housing Regulation Act 2023 has officially become law. The Act strengthens social housing customers’ rights by making sure that they live in safe, quality homes and can hold us to account as their landlord.

The Act includes a set of new proposed consumer standards, on which the Regulator for Social Housing is currently asking for feedback through a consultation. The standards cover four key areas:

  1. The Safety and Quality Standard
  2. The Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard
  3. The Neighbourhood and Community Standard
  4. The Tenancy Standard

You can find the full proposed consumer standards here.

Magna's response

The Regulator asked for views on the proposed standards from social housing customers, landlords, and anyone else interested in social housing, by 17 October 2023. We submitted an organisational response that included the views of our customers who wished to be included.

It's expected that the final set of standards will apply from April 2024 – we’ll keep you updated about any changes we make as a result.