Our colleagues will be busy working with contractors to help keep the trees in our communal areas in tip-top condition over the coming months.

Trees are important in bringing the areas surrounding our homes to life, both visually and environmentally, and they’re important to our health and wellbeing. We’ve got 346 jobs ongoing in Dorset at the moment on trees which were identified as part of a tree survey we had carried out last year. We carry out work to make sure that our trees are being looked after properly and don’t pose a risk to the surrounding area.

We try to avoid cutting down our trees if possible and will do our best to preserve them as best as we can. Trees will generally only be cut down if it’s absolutely necessary, and we do lots of different types of work to try to avoid this such as raising, reducing, cleaning, and thinning out the branches and leaves.

We generally have our trees surveyed by a consultant once every two years to identify recommended works that any trees might need. This year, we’re having every tree in our communal areas in Somerset surveyed - that’s 1,417 trees in total!

You can learn more about how we manage our trees in our tree management policy here.