For Learning at Work Week we caught up with Megan Charles, Project Officer at Magna, to find out more about her role and her learning and development journey.

Megan joined Magna in 2021 in a temporary role and has since joined us in her role as a Project Officer, where she has her on eye on the homes that we’re building and works hard to make sure that they’re ready for our customers before we hand them over. Megan said:

“I look at the new-build sites and make sure they’re all built to standard and that the builders are doing what they need to do, as well as all the paperwork that goes with that. It’s quite an exciting role because it’s different depending on the time of year.”

Megan is also currently studying a part-time master’s degree in Construction Project Management at UWE Bristol alongside her role here at Magna. She continued:

“Once or twice a week, I get to go up to Bristol to do whole blocks of studying, as well as doing the assignments and all the extra reading out of working times. It’s been a challenge, but it’s kept stuff interesting, and working at Magna has definitely helped my studies as well.”

“Every time I get back from university, I have a chat with Paul Land, our Head of Development, and talk through what I’ve learned and how it directly links to my role. For me personally, talking through what I’ve learned with real scenarios really helps my learning rather than just reading, so it’s been nice to have that support.”

Megan is coming up to the end of the first year of her degree, with one more year to go. Her next year will see her writing her dissertation, with which she plans to focus on moderns methods of construction. She finished with:

“I think modern methods of construction are really interesting, and there’s no denying that it’s the way we need to go. Going to university, I’ve been able to learn about the different types and how it has been built up from the earlier methods.”

“Finishing my degree and becoming a development manager is my goal at the moment. I’m just taking every opportunity and trying to go from there. I’m at the beginning of my career, so who knows what can happen!”

We’re proud to be able to support colleagues like Megan to explore their passions, gain new skills and live new experiences.

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