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Report anti-social behaviour (ASB)

We're committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and we'll use all available solutions to help resolve problems, but we need your help to tell us when you've seen or experienced any form of ASB.

Our legal powers are under the anti-social behaviour crime and policing act.

We also have an community safety policy and a procedure for dealing with anti-social behaviour

Due to current workloads, it’s taking us much longer than usual to get back to our customers. This is due to a number of reasons including some changes we have made to our systems as well as a number of vacancies we are currently recruiting for.

We are really sorry about this and are all working hard to improve this situation but this will take us some time.

Our housing teams are also really busy and it may take them up to four to six weeks to get back to you if you are contacting us about environmental nuisance such as rubbish, untidy gardens and noise complaints. We will continue to prioritise safeguarding concerns and urgent anti-social behaviour cases where there is the risk of harm. If you have a concern for welfare or you need to report criminal or anti-social behaviour, you should report this to the police by dialling 101.