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Thinking of making an improvement or alteration

We want you to be happy in your home and are pleased if there are things you think you can do to improve it, however, you do have to ask our permission to make any alterations to your property.

Alterations include putting up a conservatory, putting a shed in your garden or installing a satellite (eg Sky) dish. If you are not sure whether you need permission, you should always check with us. Contact us for more information.

If you'd like to ask permission for an improvement or alteration, here are the steps you need to take.

Step one

Check with your local authority whether your proposed works will require any of the following permissions:

  • Planning Permission
  • Building Control Permission
  • Highways Approval
  • Party Wall Act

Once you have obtained the relevant notice(s), it's time to contact us for written permission.

Step two

To help us, make a decision on whether permission will be granted, please provide information in the following way.

  • Specify the works that you wish to do, stating the material and how it will be installed.
    Example ‘I wish to install a 12m length of 1.2m plastic coated chain link with 3 number 2.5mm straining wires and fixings, to 100mm x 100mm x 1.8m treated timber posts at 2.4m centres, set in concrete 1-3 mix including all excavation backfilling and reinstating’
  • All enabling works and subsequent removal/ making good costs are at your own cost.
  • Drawings not only help you to understand fully the depth and detail of the works you wish to undertake, but also help illustrate to us what you intend to carry out and that you understand fully the complexity and cost involved.
  • All works that involve the construction of a porch, conservatory, driveways, extensions, window installation, retaining walls, alterations to sheds, conversion of window to patio doors kitchen/ bathroom refurbishments and large multiple gardens works require to have a scaled drawing to 1:100, 1:50, 1:20 or similar on A3 or A2. Please refer to the example. 1.
Example drawings
Example 1

  • All drawings must have dimensions and scale clearly marked upon them.
  • All works that involve the construction of a new fence line, shed, heating works or patio will not require a scaled drawing; however a plan drawing will not be compulsory, though submitting one will help us process your request more efficiently.
  • Drawings will need to show all fixtures and fittings. Such as power sockets, light fittings and switches etc.
  • Please state the start date and the completion date of the works.
  • All works carried out to your home must be done by a qualified person covered by a Competent Person Scheme.

Please provide copies of all quotation from the Competent Persons carrying out the works.

This is not an exhausted list of information that we require, it is only an illustration.

Please note that no cost shall fall to Magna Housing regarding the future maintenance, removal or incidental damage in connection to the works.

Competent Person Schemes

Installation or replacement of oil-fired boiler, tanks and associated hot water and heating systems.


Installation or replacement of hot water and heating systems.


Electric lighting or electric heating systems.

ECA, NICEIC: Part P registered electrician

Electrical work (Fully Part P compliant)


Electrical work in association with other works (kitchen installations, boiler installations)


Replacement windows and doors.


Installation of bathrooms, toilets, washing facilities.


Visit for more information and contact details.

Permissions that will not be granted

Below is a list of alterations that we will not grant permission for:

  • Cat/Dog flaps within External Doors - Due to the integrity of fire doors and external doors being compromised and an impact on manufacturer’s warranties.
  • Draught-Proofing - Any draught proofing required will be carried out as part of Magna’s planned and cyclical maintenance programmes.
  • Use of Loft and Boarding - Due to compromising insulation, and potential damage/disturbance to ceilings.
  • Loft Insulation - This is covered by Magna’s Planned & Cyclical Programmes.
  • Insulation of Pipes, - This is covered by Magna’s
  • Cylinders etc. Planned & Cyclical Programmes.
  • Re-wire of Property - This will be covered by Magna’s Planned & Cyclical Programmes.
  • Installing a Fire / Multi-Fuel Stove - The burning of solid fuel is the largest contributor to the level of Particulate matter (PM) emissions nationally. This also represents a local issue and potential health implications. So in line with the government department for environment, food and rural affairs (DEFRA) clean air strategy and World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations Magna no longer supports the new installation of solid fuel appliances.
  • The proposed works are considered to be detrimental to the structure and/or long term maintenance of the property, and/or
  • The proposal will breach planning and/or building regulations, and/or
  • The applicant/resident is currently in debt to Magna Housing (Permission will be granted once any debt has been cleared).