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Sewers & drainage

The sewers and drainage of the majority of residents homes will be serviced by your local water authority e.g. Wessex Water. However some homes are connected in to Magna owned sewer and drainage systems i.e. not on mains drainage and the maintenance of these are service chargeable which means that you may pay service charges in addition to your rent.

As a landlord, we have a legal obligation to ensure that our sewer plants/septic tanks are in good working order and to achieve this, we employ dedicated staff to look after them. In addition to this, we employ specialist contractors to carry out any specific maintenance work required.

As a responsible landlord, we have a duty of care to ensure that we protect the environment and your health and safety. We take every measure to ensure these objectives are not compromised.

If you have any queries relating to sewage treatment plants please contact estate services on 01305 214027 or by email.