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Guide to moving home

There is a lot to remember and put in place before and after you move. We've put together a checklist to help you prepare.

  • If you are renting get in touch with your landlord once your moving date has been confirmed and give notice.
  • Make sure you have the funds available for rent in advance that you will need to pay; this can be up to four weeks’ rent.
  • Label relevant keys (of the property you are leaving) ready for the last day and arrange a time with your landlord to hand over the keys. If you are currently a Magna Housing tenant, this will have been arranged with the lettings officer at the pre-termination inspection.
  • Disconnect appliances such as washing machines, TV’s etc. and make safe for moving. Ensure that your cooker is disconnected by a qualified electrician and/or gas-safe engineer.
  • Inform your telephone/internet provider and see if you can transfer your current provider to your new address.
  • Complete the post office mail redirection form which can be done on-line at or by collecting a form from your local post office.
  • Contact your local authority, advise them of your new address and ask for a statement on your council tax, you may receive a refund. They will tell you who your new local authority is.
  • Inform your car and household insurance firms of your new address. If you have no contents insurance, Magna Housing strongly advise that you arrange this to protect your household items.
  • Contact organisations such as the DVLA, HMRC, DWP, TV Licensing, banks, building societies, mobile phone providers and credit/store cards companies etc. advising them of your new address.
  • On the day you move contact your water, gas and electric suppliers to inform them you are moving and the current meter readings. This is important as there may be a credit on your account. You can see if you can transfer your current provider to your new address.
  • If this is your first home think about all of the essential items and furniture that you need.

Handy tips which may come in useful...

In the weeks before you move:

  • Think about whether to move yourself or use removers. Can you ask friends or family to help
  • Think about throwing away/car booting/auctioning off any unwanted possessions, so you don’t have to move more items than necessary.
  • Order packing cases/collect boxes.
  • Start packing items that you don’t use every day.
  • Book the days needed off work.

Last few days before you move:

  • Finish off packing items and clearly label boxes.
  • Make sure you organise a vital supplies box – snacks, first aid kit, tea, coffee, sugar, kettle, mugs, loo rolls, light bulbs, cleaning stuff.
  • Empty fridge/defrost freezer leaving last minute supplies.
  • If friends and family are helping you move, give them a call and make sure they are still available.
  • Plan what to do with all valuables e.g. jewellery, cash/credit cards etc…
  • Arrange a safe place for your pets to go while you move so they can’t run off.

Moving out?

Before you leave we will carry out a pre-termination inspection to assess the condition of the property and garden. We will then tell you what work you need to do before you move out. We will record this in writing and take photographs. We will charge you for anything you don’t put right before you move out or for any damage we find afterwards. The most common recharges are for:

  • replacing damaged internal doors
  • removal of belongings that have been left
  • garden rubbish and overgrown gardens.

What you need to do:

  • The property must be completely clear, including all furniture, debris, food stuffs etc and white goods. Carpets and floor coverings can be discussed with the lettings officer at the pre termination inspection.
  • The property must be thoroughly cleaned including all floors.
  • Gardens must be cleared of rubbish and left tidy. The grass must be cut to a reasonable length, hedges cut back (and cuttings removed) and pathways clear.
  • Garden furniture and children’s play equipment must be removed.
  • All window keys must be left in the property and all sets of front and back door keys/fobs must be returned.
  • You must put right any decorations in a poor condition, or unfinished, before vacating the property.
  • All personal fixtures and fittings must be removed.
  • Kitchen units must be intact. Worktops must be clean and damage free.
  • All doors must be in place, damage free, fit correctly and have working

Our lettings team can advise on all of these items at the inspection visit.