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Mutual exchange

Sometimes things change and you would rather be living in a different house. Maybe your job has changed and you’d rather be in a different town? Or maybe your children have grown up and you’d rather live in a smaller house?

A mutual exchange is a way of swapping your house with someone else who also wants to move. Most tenants are allowed to exchange once any starter tenancy period is over.

What do I need to do to exchange?

You should check with us first to make sure you qualify for an exchange.

If you want to go ahead with an exchange, you do need to get permission from us in writing, but we will not refuse permission without giving our reasons.

Sometimes we will ask you to carry out work to the property before we will allow a mutual exchange to take place. We will normally not allow a mutual exchange to take place if you owe us money.

Can I exchange with someone in another part of the country?

Yes, you can exchange with someone anywhere across the UK.

We subscribe to the national Homeswapper register which can help you find other people with homes that might suit you better. Homeswapper has over 304,000 homes available across the country.

If you live in Somerset, you have to pay a fee for Homeswapper. So for anyone living in Somerset, we also subscribe to Homefinder Somerset.

We also subscribe to the national register of council and housing association tenants who want to swap throughout England, Exchange Locata.

You may also find someone to exchange with through word of mouth or by advertising in local shops.

How do I qualify for an exchange?

There are certain rules about who is eligible for an exchange.

You must have a clear rent account at least two weeks before moving and you must keep your payments up-to-date. You should also repay any other outstanding debts to us, such as legal costs, supporting people charges or recharge costs.

The exchange must not cause overcrowding or unreasonable under-occupation.

If you have a joint tenancy with someone else, your partner must also agree.

You must not be undergoing legal proceedings.

Can I move into any kind of property?

Your new home must be suitable for your needs. It must not be too big or too small. Some homes have been adapted or designed for people with disabilities or other special needs - unless you have special needs you will not qualify for these properties.

You can only move into a sheltered housing property if you are eligible; generally you must be aged 55 or over and/or have the need for the support offered by our sheltered housing.

For more information

If you’d like to find out more about mutual exchange, including finding out if you can exchange, please contact us on 01305 216060 or email tenancy management or visit

You can also download a copy of our mutual exchange policy here.

How can I find an exchange?

If you are an Magna Housing resident, log in to Home Swapper

Other ways to find an exchange

Exchange Locata is a direct, online social housing exchange service for tenants and landlords. The national register of council and housing association tenants who want to swap homes throughout England.

Alternatively you may find someone to exchange with through word of mouth, or by advertising in local shops or newspapers.

What happens when I have found an exchange?

If you are swapping with a tenant from outside Magna, we will provide the other landlord with a report on you. They will provide us in turn with a report on the people you are swapping with.

Once the exchange is agreed we will inspect your property and tell you about any work that needs doing before you move.

You must have written permission from us and the other landlord before you exchange homes.

Contact customer services or your housing officer for more information.