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Electrical testing

We carry out electrical testing to make sure that the electrics in your home are safe. This is part of the important work we do to keep you safe in your home and we are required by law to do it. Therefore it's really important that you let us into your home to carry out the testing.

We will let you know in advance when your electrical testing appointment is, and we’ll also send you a text reminder before we visit. It’s really important that you are at home to let us in to do this.

While doing the testing, we may spot things that need fixing like a socket or light fitting. If we spot anything that could be dangerous, we will fix it straight away. If we spot something that needs fixing but is not dangerous, we will try and fix that while we do the test. If we run out of time we will arrange another appointment to come back.

Between April 2022 and March 2023, we will be using an external contractor to help us carry out electrical testing in some of our homes. Customers who will be visited by our external contractor will be contacted by our external contractor directly to arrange a convenient appointment.

Electricity: The dos and dont’s


  • Do it yourself! DIY wiring can lead to electrical parts overheating, which can cause electric shocks, fires and death.
  • Overload sockets. Plugging too many devices into one socket and using multiple extension leads can lead to overheating and cause fires.


  • Allow electrical testing to take place. Regular checks are the best way to make sure electrical installations are safe and to spot potential problems before they become a danger.
  • Buy reputable electrical goods. Cheaper, unofficial electrical products, such as phone chargers, may not meet safety regulations and could cause a fire.