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Gas safety

If you smell gas, please follow these simple steps:

  • Turn off the gas supply – the on/off lever can be found by the gas meter.
  • Open all windows and doors
  • Do not turn on or off any lights or sockets, strike matches or light cigarettes.
  • Contact the National Gas Emergency Service immediately to report a gas leak on FREEPHONE 0800 111 999.

It doesn’t matter what time day or night you ring –you will be asked by the call handler to give your address, post code and the following information.

  • The address/location of the suspected gas escape or gas emergency
  • How many people are at the property where the smell is most noticeable?
  • How long the smell has been noticeable?
  • Is the smell coming from the cellar/basement?
  • Are any neighbours affected?
  • Your name and phone number
  • Any special circumstances or access information

National Grid engineers will always 'make safe' when called to a suspected gas escape. This will generally be by switching off the gas supply.

Once the national grid engineer has made sure you are safe, contact us on 0800 358 6025 and we will help you get your gas supply switched back on. If the gas leak was from your gas meter, we will advise you to contact your gas supplier. If the gas leak was from the gas appliance we will send one of our operatives to fix the problem.

Gas Servicing

We carry out a gas safety check every year of all of our properties that have a gas appliance or gas meter.

Some gas appliances require ventilated air to work safely therefore, please do not obstruct the fresh air vent in your home.

If your home has gas heating or hot water appliance it needs to be checked and serviced every year. This is a legal requirement for us, as your landlord, and we must be allowed access to complete this vital work.

Our gas servicing contractors will write to you eight weeks before the annual safety check and service is due. If the date of the appointment is not convenient, you can call the telephone number provided and re-arrange it.

If you fail to keep an appointment and the annual safety check and service is overdue, we will have to take legal action to gain access and complete the service. If this happens you may be charged for the costs incurred.

The vast majority of residents make, and keep their appointments and thanks to this we have an excellent gas service and safety record. Thank you for helping us to keep you and your neighbours safe.