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Many of our sheltered housing schemes have a community room that is available to book and use by the local community.

If you'd like to book a community room for any activity or event, simply check the list below for the available locations, read our terms and conditions and then fill out our booking form.

Community room locations

Terms and Conditions for using our community rooms

  1. All applications to hire a community room must be made via the booking form and, where required, a risk assessment completed and signed.
  2. Hiring fees – invoice details will be taken when you book the community room and you will be informed of any charges. For some activities, charges will not apply if it is open to the customers on the scheme. The charge includes the cost of lighting, heating and the use of the kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  3. If using key safe codes/key fob please ensure they are only used by the organiser and returned if requested. During the activity, the keys should be stored back in the key safe.
  4. No personal electrical equipment is to be used on the scheme unless prior permission is obtained from Magna.
  5. The hirer is to take note of where fire prevention equipment is stored and where all fire exits are so they are able to inform the customers at the session. Fire exits doors should not be propped open and should be closed at all times.
  6. The hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that all entrances to the community rooms are kept clear for the emergency services to reach the building. Under no circumstances are fire exits to be blocked.
  7. No decoration of any description shall be affixed to the walls or woodwork except with the prior approval of the Sheltered Housing Advisor on site.
  8. Please ask that all those attending respect the resident parking. To park on-site you need a valid car permit otherwise park in visitors slots or off-site. Magna employs CPM parking to monitor our car parks.
  9. Smoking is prohibited in communal areas of the schemes.
  10. Any hall equipment to be returned to its original state and location at the end of a session ie tables, chairs etc.
  11. The hirer should provide their own cups, tea and coffee or other refreshments.
  12. If the kitchen is used, please leave it clean and tidy. All rubbish to be taken away.
  13. The hirer will be responsible for any damage or breakages and will be charged the reasonable cost of repair or replacement as determined by Magna.
  14. Any equipment brought into the community room for use in connection with the booking must be removed once the booking has ended unless an arrangement has been made with the Sheltered Housing Advisor.
  15. The hirer will be made aware of the maximum number of people permitted on the premises at the time of booking.
  16. Magna reserves the right to cancel any hirer/lettings subject only to the return of the fees paid and to no other claim.
  17. Fees to hire a room must be paid unless 24 hours’ notice is given to cancel a booking.
  18. The hirer shall be responsible for seeing that all members of the public leave the premises at the conclusion of the letting period.
  19. COVID safety measures should be carried out and the hirer to wipe down surfaces, chair arms, tables etc. Equipment will be provided by Magna to complete this.
  20. The hirer to ensure any electrical equipment and lights are turned off at the end of the session and doors locked (where applicable).
  21. Please complete an attendance form at the end of each session and email a copy to or leave a copy in the room for the Sheltered Housing Advisor. The attendance forms will be left in the community rooms ready for the hirer to complete.

Book a community room

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