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Many of our sheltered housing schemes have a community room that is available to book and use by the local community.

If you'd like to book a community room for any activity or event, simply check the list below for the available locations, read our terms and conditions and then fill out our booking form.

Community room locations

Terms and Conditions for using our community rooms

  1. Please record the number of attendees at the event. Should event bookings clash, the number of attendees will be used as a guide for the event to continue.
  2. If using keycodes/keyfobs please ensure they are only used by the organiser and returned if requested.
  3. Ask all people entering the hall to sanitise their hands and where possible to socially distance.
  4. Please ask all people attending to respect resident parking if parking their own vehicles on site.
  5. Take notice of where fire prevention equipment is stored and where all fire exits are. Ensure all participants are aware of this information. No boxes, bags, or any other equipment to be left in the way of any exit.
  6. Any hall equipment to be returned to its original state and location at end of the session. i.e. table, chairs etc.
  7. If the kitchen is used, please leave it clean and tidy. All rubbish to be taken away.
  8. Please ensure any electrical equipment and lights are turned off at the end of the session and doors locked (where applicable).
  9. Fill out the attendance form at the end of each session and send a copy to

Book a community room

Find out more about the sheltered housing schemes these community rooms are within

We have around 1,400 sheltered homes, primarily for older people who want to live independently in the privacy of their own homes, but with the security of knowing that there are people on hand to help in an emergency.