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Moving-in checklist

Organisation is the key to a smooth move. Use our helpful moving-in checklist to stay on track, then sit back and enjoy your new home.

Planning your move:

  • Organise who is going to help you move – professional or friends?
  • Now is a great time to throw out what you don’t need.
  • Start collecting boxes and newspapers.
  • Start packing items that you don’t use every day.

Last few days:

  • Finish off packing items and clearly label each box.
  • Make sure you organise a vital supplies box – snacks, first aid kit, tea, coffee, sugar, kettle, loo rolls, cleaning stuff etc..
  • Arrange for post to be forwarded.
  • Empty fridge/defrost freezer leaving just last minute supplies.
  • Label relevant keys (of the property you are leaving) ready for the last day.
  • Plan what to do with all valuables e.g: cash/credit cards, mobile phone, passports.
  • Disconnect appliances and make safe for moving.

Moving day checklist

  • Confirm arrangements for handover of keys.
  • Ensure your solicitor can get hold of you by phone.
  • Take final meter readings and keep this information in a safe place.

Enjoy your new home

  • Unpack the most important things first that'll help you get through the next few days. The kettle is always a good place to start, but don't forget other essentials like toiletries, kitchen utensils and electrical appliances for cooking, phone chargers, and medicines.
  • Try to get the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms done first so that you can eat, sleep, and wash properly - you'll feel much more refreshed!
  • After the above you can tackle arranging the furniture and sorting out other rooms.
  • Take photos of the water, electricity and gas meters and keep them safe.
  • Most importantly enjoy your new home and remember it's not a race to get everything unpacked! Once you've got the essentials out, take it steady and try not to burn yourself out too quickly.
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