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Supported housing services

Support is provided by either our own colleagues or by another approved support provider. Where support is provided by another support provider there is a service level agreement or similar contract in place which is monitored.

Support offered, could be:

  • Help with claiming benefits and managing money
  • Help with understanding and filling in forms
  • Reporting and monitoring repairs
  • Contacting and referring customers to other agencies such as Adult Social Care, GPs and other support services
  • Working as advocate
  • Health and safety checks
  • Advice and support about moving on
  • Help and advice about daily living skills.

We don't provide the following services:

  • Personal care
  • Cooking and cleaning for customers
  • Handling money on customers behalf
  • Handling medication on customers behalf
  • Specialist support services.


Customers pay a support charge to us or the approved support provider in addition to their rent and any service charges. This applies to customers in long term or permanent services. Customers are charged for the support, but may be eligible for subsidy.