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Look after your smoke alarm, and it will look after you!

Smoke alarms save lives, but only when they are working properly.

We all know not to take the battery out, but did you know you should also make sure they are properly maintained? 

Turn off the mains power to the alarm (if it is on mains power) and the green light should go out.  If it is not mains powered, take the battery out but remember to put it back in again.

  • With the thin nozzle attachment, vacuum around the vents
  • Clean the cover using a damp cloth and dry with a lint free cloth
  • Turn the mains power back on and the green light should be on

You should test your smoke alarms every week. If they aren’t working then change the battery if you can. If the alarm is still not working or you are unable to change the battery then call us on 0800 3586025.

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