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Our Supported Housing

Magna Housing has a variety of supported accommodation ranging from bedsits with shared facilities to self contained flats.  We also own properties which provide accommodation and training opportunities for young people.

The level of support offered to residents ranges from 24 hours, 7 days a week support to just a few hours of support a week.

Some schemes offer permanent homes for residents with long term special needs.  Other schemes are designed to provide short term accommodation and help is provided to the resident to move into more independent accommodation.  In other cases, support is provided to people living in their own home (owned by Magna Housing) on a floating support basis. 

Residents’ needs are assessed independently. We are committed to providing the service that is needed and adapting it as individual circumstances change.

Support is provided by either our own staff or by another approved support provider.  Where support is provided by another support provider there is a service level agreement or similar contract in place which is monitored.

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