Keeping our customers safe is our number one priority.

And that's why we're delighted to announce that following extensive training, assessment and auditing that we have achieved certification under the BM Trada Q Mark scheme for the installation and maintenance of fire doors.

Fire doors are an essential life safety device designed to hold back smoke and flame for a set period of time, usually 30 minutes.

To maintain the integrity of a door installation, maintenance must be carried out by competent persons and we are really pleased to be able to demonstrate this through the Q Mark Scheme.

Every fire door is assessed against a comprehensive checklist where we will look at the integrity of the door, the hinges, door closers and any glazing.

If a door requires a repair or a replacement then our skilled and trained staff are able to replace this to the highest standards and certify each door as fully compliant.

We are committed to investing in safety and this is just part of our three-year strategy that will see changes across Magna as we develop new safety standards to improve on how we keep our customers safe.

You can learn more about what we do to keep you safe from fire here.

And you can learn more about BM Trada here.