Continuing with National Apprenticeship Week, we’d like you to meet Izzy, a Property Maintenance Apprentice at Magna, for our next apprenticeship story.

Izzy is studying a Level 2 Property Maintenance course and has been getting stuck in with learning the tricks of the trade with our colleagues. She said:

“I chose to do this apprenticeship as I enjoy being hands-on and learning while working. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to learn different skills and trades for the future.”

As a Property Maintenance Apprentice, Izzy works in our busy asset investment team and works with our colleagues to make sure our homes are well maintained. Izzy continued:

“As well as learning on-site at Magna, I’m also learning at college, which I find very useful. I go to college to learn, and then I can take what I’ve learned and apply it to my work on-site.
“I’m getting familiar with the tools and materials used, and I observe and get involved in any practical tasks that I can. My colleagues are very accommodating with fitting in my studying time as they support me and want me to do well with my college work.”

Izzy is one of nine apprentices currently on their learning and development journey at Magna. We have a wide variety of roles that we offer as apprenticeships, such as plumbers, electricians, business administration, IT, painting and decorating, and more.

Mike Upton, Learning Experience Designer at Magna, helps our apprentices settle into their roles and is there to support them through their learning journey. He said:

“Here at Magna we're huge advocates of utilising apprenticeships to not only recruit new colleagues but also develop our existing ones. Apprenticeship standards deliver industry knowledge, skills, and behaviours and allow colleagues the opportunity to start their learning journey with the benefit of learning and working side by side.
"As someone who started their career as an apprentice, to then move into delivering them for 12 years, to now supporting those embarking on their apprenticeship journey, I'm an advocate for their benefit not only to the learner but the organisation. I'm also in admiration of all the colleagues at Magna that undertake any form of learning and take on that balance of working and study, and I do believe that apprenticeships help to support that balancing act.
"Apprenticeships also offer us an opportunity to work with some amazing providers who play such a huge part in shaping that learning journey and ensure the success of the apprenticeship programme. Apprenticeship provisions play such a crucial role here at Magna to provide the opportunity to learn and work and help to ensure we are an organisation where talented and ambitious people enjoy rewarding and fulfilling careers in an inspirational environment."

Izzy encourages others to consider the apprenticeship route, saying:

“I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship, and I’m learning so much already in a short amount of time. I’d definitely recommend an apprenticeship as it’s the best way to learn as you get to be hands-on, which I find helps me to remember what I’m being taught, and learning at work also helps to improve different life skills.”

We’re proud to be able to offer fantastic opportunities for anyone looking to get into an apprenticeship and to support them through their learning and development journey.

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