We’re supporting the National Social Housing Safety and Compliance week again this year.

Running from 7 – 11 March 2022, this even aims to shine a spotlight on safety and compliance at an operational, strategic, and cultural level.

However, safety isn’t a one-week event - it’s one of our core objectives to keep you safe. Last year, we made the following pledges, and we will continue to focus on these pledges this year too:

  • The safety of our customers and colleagues is our top priority.
  • We all take ownership and responsibility when it comes to safety.
  • “Always safe” is one of our key values, and we’ll be customer focused in our approach and work together to keep everyone safe.
  • Information and advice about safety will be easy to understand and accessible for everyone.

Since making these pledges, we have:

  • Set up a new building safety team who are focusing on fire safety.
  • Established a new building safety customer focus group.
  • Commissioned a survey of all our sheltered homes to upgrade detection and links to our out of hours warden call service.
  • Started a trial of new remote linked smoke detectors.
  • Implemented new software to manage our fire risk assessments and actions.
  • Started to survey all of our fire doors.
  • Delivered additional training to our colleagues on fire safety.
  • Produced new, easy to understand fire safety guidance which we have published on our website.
  • Completed the backlog of electrical testing and solid fuel servicing from the pandemic.
  • Implemented more rigorous reporting on all compliance areas.
  • Received external assurance from compliance areas our auditors across a number of compliance areas.

Next, we are working on installing sprinkler systems to blocks of flats and increasing the frequency of electrical testing.

But that’s not all – there will be much more planned for the year ahead to continue to improve your safety.

Want to get involved? You can join our building safety customer group to be involved in the process of trialling and feeding back on upcoming safety improvements.

If you would like to join this virtual group and help us shape the future of building safety at Magna, you can email us at engage@magna.org.uk

If you’d like to know more about the work that we do to keep our customers safe in their homes, click here.