This week is National Apprenticeship Week and a great opportunity to highlight some of the amazing stories our new and former apprentices have to say about their experience with us.

To kick off the week we’d like you to meet Scarlet, who joined us five months ago as an Apprentice IT Service Desk Administrator and is studying a Level 3 Business Administration course as part of her apprenticeship.

Scarlet said: “I have really enjoyed being with Magna. I love learning new things and this role is certainly different from anything I’ve done before. That’s the magic of apprenticeships!”

Scarlet previously completed a Level 2 qualification within a healthcare practice but wanted to gain some experience in a different industry as the next step in her career. She continued: “The learning opportunities are fantastic. I didn’t expect to be learning so much so soon, and even my tutor is amazed at how brilliant Magna has been with training and support so far.”

“My colleagues are lovely and accepted me as part of the team straight away. I’m very pleased that they feel they can come to me with tasks to complete and trust that I will do things correctly. They’ve created such a great support network for me.”

Scarlet is one of 11 apprentices currently on their learning and development journey at Magna and her role is part of a wide variety of roles we offer as apprenticeships, such as plumbers, business support, electricians, and painters and decorators.

Scarlet continued: “I was nervous going into something I had never done before, but this apprenticeship is perfect for me. I have the best team and my course is very interesting, and I’m receiving great support from both Magna and my tutor and I’m so happy to be part of Magna.”

“The knowledge I’ve obtained and the ever-growing opportunities available is perfect for anyone seeking a new experience. Taking a step back into an apprenticeship was a tough choice to make, but I wouldn’t have made any of this progress so quickly if I didn’t make that decision. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

We’re proud to be able to offer fantastic opportunities for anyone looking to get into an apprenticeship and to support them through their learning and development journey.

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