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Parking, garages, abandoned vehicles and vehicle repairs

Where should I park?

Most homes have parking available, whether it is on a drive, communal areas, designated spaces, or on the highway.

Parking can cause problems between neighbours, so please park considerately and remember the following:

  • Please do not park in a position which might obstruct emergency service vehicles or vehicles belonging to your neighbours (it is an offence if you block a neighbour’s way out and they cannot get out)
  • You may not park commercial vehicles, caravans, motor homes, boats, trailers, mobility scooters (communal areas only) or similar vehicles on our land without our prior permission
  • You must not park, or allow members of your household or visitors to park untaxed, uninsured or unroadworthy vehicles on our property, even if the vehicle is subject to a statutory off the road notice (SORN).

Garages for rent

We have garages to rent in West Dorset and West Somerset. These garages are available to tenants and non-tenants, although tenants have priority. Garages are allocated in date order of your application. Find out more about garages here.

Erection of garages and hard standings

If you would like to build a garage or hard standing at your home, please ask us. Garages and hard standings cannot be erected without our prior consent. Planning permission is also required for garages.

Abandoned and untaxed vehicles

Abandoned and untaxed vehicles can be an eyesore and can be a danger, particularly to children. They can also become a focal point for vandalism and other anti-social behaviour. We are committed to working with the police, DVLA and local councils to address the problem of abandoned and untaxed vehicles on our land.

If you think a vehicle has been abandoned, please take the following action:

  • If the vehicle is on land belonging to Magna, contact your local office (see the ‘Who to Contact’ section)
  • If the vehicle is on a road and is causing an obstruction, is dangerous or appears as if it has been involved in an accident, then it is best to telephone the police
  • Any other vehicles on open land or roads should be referred to your local council
  • If you wish to report an untaxed vehicle to the DVLA you can do so on their website.

Whoever you refer to, try and give full details of the vehicle. This should include: make, colour, location, condition and registration number.

Vehicles (including cars) must not be left abandoned or untaxed on our property. If they are, then we will arrange for them to be towed away and disposed of.

Vehicle repairs

Minor repairs to your own vehicle are allowed on the highway, but major or commercial repairs are not.

Problems with repairs to vehicles carried out on the highway are dealt with by your local council’s highways department and the police. Your tenancy agreement states:

You must not carry out or permit others to carry out major car repairs on the property or in the locality or on shared areas.