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Reporting repairs

When to report a repair

Please let us know immediately if you have an emergency repair. However, if your repair is not an emergency, please help us to help all our customers by calling us after 11.00am.

How to report a repair

Online: Report a repair form


FREEPHONE: 0800 358 6025

Please address all letters to: Magna Housing, Oak House, Poundbury Road, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1SW

Reporting repairs

If you are reporting an emergency or urgent repair, the quickest way to get repairs done is to call our repair helpline. For non urgent repairs, please email us or call after 11am.

Please make sure you have all of the details about the repair needed. The call centre staff will make an appointment where possible. In addition, we can acknowledge your repair request in writing or by text.

Magna’s repair responsibilities

Emergency repairs – attend and make safe within a 24 hour period. Real danger to life and limb or chance of serious damage to the property. For example:

  • Storm, accident or flood damage
  • Gas leaks – contact the National Gas Emergency Line on 0800 111 999
  • Complete loss of electric supply – contact your electricity supplier first
  • Complete loss of water supply – contact your water supplier first
  • Heating failure between 1 November and 30 April (unless alternative heating is available)
  • Blocked or leaking foul main drain
  • Blocked toilet where there is only one in your home (but you may be charged if you or your family have caused the blockage)
  • Major pipe bursts
  • Major roof leaks
  • Broken main entrance door /window posing security risk
  • Blocked flue
  • Smoke detector not working (does not include changing batteries)

Urgent repairs – complete repair within 5 working days. These are repairs that don’t threaten your health or home but which are a serious inconvenience. For example:

  • Electrical faults
  • Minor roof leaks
  • Heating failures (between 1 May and 31 October)
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Non flushing toilet
  • Loss of hot water

Routine repairs – complete within 20 working days. These are repairs that are needed to put something right that isn’t causing serious inconvenience. For example:

  • Dripping tap
  • Repairs to light pendants and electrical fittings
  • Minor carpentry repairs
  • Minor fence repairs
  • Failure of extractor fans
  • Defective gutters/rainwater pipes

Larger repairs that require to be planned – complete within 40 working days.

• Rebuild chimney

Emergency repairs outside office hours

FREEPHONE 0800 358 6025
‘Emergency repairs’ which occur outside normal office hours, at weekends, or during public holidays, should be reported by telephoning the emergency repairs call-out service on the number shown above. We operate an emergency repair service outside our normal working hours, for repairs that are genuine emergencies only. Where there is a hazardous situation our aim is to carry out a temporary repair to ensure your safety. We will carry out a full repair, if necessary, by appointment.

We reserve the right to charge you the cost of a ‘call-out’ when the repair work is found not to be a genuine emergency, a repair is a tenant responsibility, or when our trades staff or contractors have no access to your home. In addition, if our employees or contractors call at your home and you are not there, your emergency repair order will be cancelled.

Please note that all calls made to the freephone number are recorded.

How can you help?

  • Reporting repairs when they happen
  • Being at home at the arranged appointment time
  • Responding to letters and calls to arrange appointments

Access to your home

You must allow reasonable access for our employees and our contractors to inspect and carry out repair work. If no one is at home when our employees or contractors call, they will leave a card and the repair will be cancelled. You will need to contact the repairs call centre to re raise the repair.

Planned maintenance

Repairs reported by you may be included in future planned maintenance programmes. These could include new windows and doors etc. We will tell you in writing if the repair you have reported has been put into our planned maintenance programme.

Gas escapes

Gas escapes are serious and you need to act immediately. If you smell gas, follow these simple steps:

  • Turn off the gas supply
  • The main gas on/off lever can be found next to your gas meter
  • Open windows and doors. This will allow any gas which has built up in your home to disperse
  • Do not turn on or off any light/sockets or strike any matches. When light switches etc are used, this can often generate sparks which could be enough to ignite any escaped gas in the air
  • Ring National Gas Emergency help line on 0800 111 999 immediately to report the escape
  • Then ring us on the freephone number shown on the previous page.

Your repair responsibilities

There are certain repairs and replacements for which you are responsible. This is not a full list, but it gives some examples:


  • Keeping your home clean
  • Gardening
  • Treating minor mould growth
  • Pests inside your home and in your garden
  • Mislaid, lost or stolen keys and arranging access to your home
  • Replacement locks or additional locks and keys
  • Oiling of locks and hinges
  • Internal decorations, minor cracks in plaster
  • Battery powered door bells and smoke detectors
  • Curtain battens, coat hooks and rails#
  • Broken or damaged glazing (if there is no crime number)


  • Blocked sinks, basins and toilets
  • Sink/bath chains and plugs
  • Toilet seats
  • Relighting boiler if you ran out of gas or oil


  • Electrical faults arising from the use of faulty appliances
  • Plugs, fuses, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters (except for those in communal areas)
  • Any appliance, structure or installation which was not supplied by Magna

Chargeable works

If you have a repair that affects your health and safety or may cause damage to the property, the repairs and replacements listed under “Your repair responsibilities” can be carried out on your behalf, if you agree to pay the cost of the repairs including VAT and an administration fee. Where we have to carry out repairs to your home as a result of damage caused by you, your family, lodgers or visitors, you will be charged for the cost of this work.


If your home is vandalised you should report this to the police and they will provide you with a crime number. You should then report the details of the vandalism to us together with the crime number. We will then arrange for the repair to be carried out.

Moving out

If you are leaving your home, we will inspect your home to determine if any repairs are required. Any repairs that are your responsibility will be noted and you will be given the chance to put them right. If the repairs are not carried out to our satisfaction you will be charged for the cost of the work. An example of these works include; very poor internal decorations, damage to doors and woodwork, major cleaning, putting right a badly neglected garden, dealing with alterations or electrical work carried out without our permission, clearing of rubbish and replacing missing keys.

Buying your home

If you have applied to buy your home, we will continue to carry out repairs until the sale is completed, but the cost of this work will be taken into account in the valuation. However, during the time you have a current application to buy, your home will not be included in any planned maintenance programmes.


We are responsible for insuring the property that you live in against major risks such as fire, flood, subsidence and storm damage. You are strongly advised to insure your personal and household contents such as furniture, carpets, clothing etc yourself. You are also responsible for making good any damage caused to your neighbours’ effects or decorations. For example, if your washing machine leaks into the flat below or your bath overflows, you will be responsible for this and you are therefore advised to ensure this is covered by your household contents insurance.

Our contractors will have insurance cover against accidental damage to your possessions. Please contact us if you have any problems.

Useful diagrams

When reporting a repair to us, it's really helpful if you can identify the part that needs repairing. We've produced some useful diagrams of common household items and areas that may need reporting at some point.