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Our antisocial behaviour policies and procedures

We have policies and procedures which outline how we deal with anti-social behaviour.

Our antisocial behaviour policy states:

  1. Magna Housing recognises the importance of tackling anti-social behaviour and acknowledges its harmful effect on residents and communities.
  2. Magna Housing will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and will take effective and early action to tackle it.
  3. Magna Housing will use a wide variety of approaches to tackle the wide range of anti-social behaviour issues. This will include preventative and enforcement approaches.
  4. Magna Housing will use mediation services appropriately to resolve neighbour disputes.
  5. Magna Housing is committed to supporting alleged victims and witnesses.
  6. Magna Housing may refer the alleged perpetrator for support if we believe it may help to prevent similar issues in future. Support for the alleged perpetrator will be considered in conjunction with the use of other appropriate tools.
  7. Magna Housing will work in partnership with other organisations, including the police and local authorities, to prevent and tackle ASB.
  8. Magna Housing will sign up to available protocols with police forces in all areas where it has properties, in order to facilitate information sharing and joint working.
  9. Magna Housing will work with residents to tackle anti-social behaviour problems.
  10. Magna Housing staff will keep up to date on best practice and legislation dealing with anti-social behaviour.

Report anti social behaviour

If you are a Magna Housing resident, or wish to make a complaint against a Magna resident, please visit the page below or phone us on 01305 216090.