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Our anti-social behaviour policies and procedures

The safety of our colleagues and our customers is always our main priority. We have policies and procedures which outline how we deal with anti-social behaviour.

Our anti-social behaviour policy states:

  1. The safety of our colleagues and our customers is always our main priority. Where customers or colleagues are subject to harassment, threats, violence and/or create a significant risk of harm; we may seek emergency legal action.
  2. We will use a reasonable and proportionate response when responding to reports of anti-social behaviour.
  3. We will use a harm-centred approach when assessing the impact of anti-social behaviour on our customers.
  4. We will communicate clearly with our customers to explain anti-social behaviour and our approach, so they understand what they can expect from us and what we expect from them.
  5. We will agree an action plan with our customers at the start of a case; this will set out our respective responsibilities so that customers are clear about what they can expect from us and what we expect from them.
  6. We will use a wide range of tools and powers when dealing with antiĀ­-social behaviour.
  7. We will comply with legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements to prevent and tackle anti-social behaviour.
  8. We will comply with the collection, storage, access to, provision of and disclosure of data in accordance with the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, General Data Protection Regulation 2016, and the Data Protection Act 2018. We will also comply with the Equality Act 2010 in ensuring all customers are treated fairly and equally.
  9. We may use an independent mediation or conflict resolution service to help resolve disputes.
  10. Where responsibility for investigating an incident lies with another agency, such as the police or local authority, we will provide that agency with appropriate support. This includes providing relevant information to help them resolve the matter.
  11. We may refer our customers for support if we believe it may help to prevent similar issues in future. Support for our customers will be considered in conjunction with the use of other appropriate tools.
  12. We will work in partnership with other organisations, including the police and local authorities, to resolve ASB and sign up to available protocols with police forces in all areas where we have properties, to facilitate information sharing and joint working.

Click here to read our full anti-social behaviour policy.

Report anti social behaviour

If you are a Magna Housing resident, or wish to make a complaint against a Magna resident, please report it to us using the link below.